Pretty soon you won’t notice other people’s bothersome chitchat in the car or Siri barking out turn-by-turn instructions on the navi system.  That’s if your next automobile will have Harman’s new in-cabin technology that enables drivers and passengers to create sonic zones, ensuring that all occupants only hear what matters to them.

Called Creates Individual Sound Zones (ISZ), this technology help reduce audio clutter while ensuring that everyone in the vehicle hears only what they want.  This is made possible by innovative acoustic design and complementary digital signal processing that maximizes speaker directivity and minimizes crosstalk in and between the zones in a vehicle for a more personalized in-cabin experience.

“Individual Sound Zones and the HALOsonic technology suite enable automakers to offer enhanced experiences to passengers, as well as imagine new possibilities as the car itself continues to evolve in use beyond the traditional ‘people mover.’  With Harman’s science-based architecture and acoustic precision, we’re pushing the barriers of sound and creating the ultimate personalized experience throughout the vehicle cabin,” said Michael Mauser, president, Lifestyle Division, Harman.

ISZ uses the vehicle’s existing audio system complemented by more highly advanced proprietary equipment.  Headrest speakers with micro speaker technology along with thin and flat Electro Dynamic Planar Loudspeakers in the vehicle ceiling to customize each passenger’s audio experience by optimizing audio by location and according to their preference.

Each passenger can activate and control their ‘zone’ allowing them to restrict the other noises and distractions while enhancing audio that they would like to hear.  The settings can be configured based on the cabin design and layout of vehicles, as well as type of vehicle.