A flat tire is something many car owners dread. It happens unexpectedly when one is driving and can be a problem that some find difficult or even impossible to solve. Even if you know how to change a flat tire, there are times where you cannot afford to do so (time constraints, tired from a night out, too dressed up to get dirty changing a flat).

Accessories Marketing Inc., has come up with a brand new revolutionary product that can solve your flat tire woes, called SLiME. It is a specially developed tire sealant with Fibro-seal technology that can repair tire punctures of up to 1/4-nch or 6mm. SLiME is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-aerosol, and water soluble. It can be stored in extreme temperatures with a low freezing point of -34.4 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 104.4 degrees Celsius.

What is Fibro-Seal Technology?

Fibro-Seal technology utilizes a state-of-the-art blend of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents which intertwine and clot within the puncture. The Fibro-Seal technology combined with the green viscous transportation system flows towards puncture holes and packs itself tightly, repairing and preventing flats with a flexible long lasting plug.

SLiME is guaranteed by its manufacturer that it retain its liquid form inside the tire for up to two-years as it coats the tread area as the tire rotates, protecting the wheel from further punctures. Rust and corrosion inhibitors present in the formula protect the wheel from damage with extended exposure to the sealant.

The Smart Spair 15 Minute Emergency Tire Repair Kit presents car owners with a quick and hassle free solution to flat tire problems. Included in the kit is a 16 oz. bottle of SLiME Tire Sealant, a High-Power 12 Volt Air Compressor with Built-in Tire Pressure Gauge which can inflate a mid-size car tire in 7 minutes, 2-foot air hose with quick-clip, 10-foot power-cord which connects via a lighter plug, valve core remover and filler tube, tools and adapters for tires, balls, and other inflatables, and a complete instruction manual.

SLiME however, is not intended for use in tires losing pressure from sidewall punctures, bead leaks, damaged rims or faulty valves.

SLiME is distributed in the Philippines by HART International, they can be contacted at (632)744-5875 or [email protected]