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Have Singer and Williams built the ultimate air-cooled Porsche 911?


The Singer DLS is a 500 horsepower, naturally aspirated air-cooled 911

Last year, Singer revealed that they were working with Williams Advance Engineering on what would be a very special Porsche 911. The two would then work with their respective specialties to reimagine the air-cooled 911 as we know it. Now, at the on-going Goodwood Festival of Speed, the California-based restorer has revealed the fruit of their labor – the Singer Dynamics and Lightweight Study or DLS.

Much like other Singer models, the DLS still looks like a classic-shaped 911. Based on the 964 chassis, the company then reworked the body, which is now made from carbon fiber, to give it a more timeless look. That said, Nobert Singer, engineer at Porsche's former Le Mans program, helped to make the body more aerodynamic. One of the results would be the iconic ducktail which has been optimized to work with rear diffuser to generate downforce, equal to that produced by the carbon front splitter; giving a balanced front and rear.


The engine is a 4.0-liter air-cooled flat six which produces 500 PS without the help of superchargers or turbochargers thanks to the development of Williams. They also enlisted the help of Hanz Mezger, Porsche engineer who developed the first 911 flat-six to help build the motor. This resulted in the DLS' engine using dual-overhead cams and four valves per cylinder and allows it to rev to 9000 rpm.

Williams also helped improved handling by balancing the vehicles weight. The British company even moved the engine slightly forward and relocated components to the front trunk to better weight distribution.

Most of the parts fitted on the Singer DLS are bespoke and unique for the model. Inside, there is a custom carbon fiber Recaro seats combined with a custom carbon fiber Momo Protitpo steering wheel. Brembo then supplied carbon-ceramic disc with monoblock calipers. BBS was then tasked to build the custom center-locking 18-inch magnesium wheels styled like Fuchs, which are wrapped in custom size Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

Luckily, the DLS is not a one-off as Singer will be building 75 examples. Unfortunately, expect it to cost a pretty penny over the standard Singer 911. 

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