The local car community, in recent years, has undeniably grown. From small groups hailing from Metro Manila, Laguna, and even Cebu, time has all but built bridges to bring like-minded individuals together, whether online or through meets held in different venues.

Sure, the most common denominator for hundreds of people to bring their steeds to a parking lot or a parking building for an afternoon of eye candy is cars. But what binds every single one of these individuals together is more than camaraderie; it is brotherhood. 

Help a friend out, get a chance to win a Honda Civic EG or SiR image

Those frequenting social media may have seen a post making the rounds, and that is about a raffle for two cars hailed as icons of the Philippine motoring scene. Up for grabs is a fully-loaded Honda Civic EG sedan, and another is a Civic SiR. Why the raffle, though? Yes, it will serve as a means to raise funds, but this is for a bigger cause, a cause far greater than just for money.

Pow Anticamara; perhaps some of you have heard that name. He’s that funny and welcoming guy who you’d see riding in a gold EG sedan. And Pow needs a bit of support from the community. With permission for this posting, Pow is currently confined and is in the ICU for a number of medical reasons.

Raffle for a cause image

Per the post circulating on social media, Pow is “attached to a respirator, with a weak heart, and other undiagnosed ailments to date. And yes, it is his car that we are raffling off... because funding is needed for his treatments, and every single day that he stays in the hospital adds more charges to the bill”. 

There is also a part in the online statement that sums up the reason for this raffle perfectly: “We are asking help from all of you, not just because he should be acknowledged for his contributions to the local car community, nor is it because he deserves to get the respect earned over the years among auto enthusiast groups. We are reaching out to you simply because we are his closest friends... because we believe that friends watch out for each other, and this is our way of showing him that we have his back... that we care so much about him.”

Help a friend out, get a chance to win a Honda Civic EG or SiR image

Like we said, the local car community is more than just flashy cars and original rims and a slew of aftermarket and OEM goodies. The essence of community is brotherhood, and one of the strongest forces behind our community needs us now. So go ahead, help a brother out. Oh, and the raffle is open to all, regardless of whether you're a member of any car club or not. For as long as you want to join, you most certainly can via the contact details in the top-most poster. You can also click here to check what raffle numbers are still available. 

#wildboys or not, everyone's behind you. We’re pulling for you, Pow!