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Help make this Lego Lamborghini Diablo become a reality


Lego Ideas builder makes a Diablo GT out of bricks

Have you ever wanted to have a raging bull from Lamborghini in brick form? Sadly, we have yet to see one built out of Lego. That can soon change, however, thanks to one individual. Lego Ideas builder 'Dani87' wants to officially make it a reality by making one out of Lego.

Do not think for one second that this is just a simple homage to one of the fastest supercars ever made. From the wedge-shaped exterior, to the detailed interior and V12 engine sitting at the back, Dani87 wants to make this build as close to the real thing.


One could actually mistake this build as an authentic Lego product approved by the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based brand. The front features the eye-catching headlights (available with either fixed or pop-up units) and aerodynamic bumper while the rear gets the distinct circular taillights, huge rear wing, quad exhausts and massive engine cover. Even the signature scissor doors also make it on this particular Diablo. Thumbs up to Dani87 for making those standard.

Not only that, Dani87 also worked their magic inside the Diablo. The red interior comes with bucket seats, a Lamborghini steering wheel, dual gauges on the instrument panel, an audio system and the large transmission tunnel. More than that, one can actually have the Diablo with or without a roof.

Based off the mighty GT version, this Diablo packs the 6.0-liter motor that pushes out 583 PS and 630 Nm of torque. Again, props to Dani87 for making the V12 as close to the real thing in terms of aesthetics.

Want to make this Lego build a reality? You can help Dani87 at Lego Ideas by supporting their creation.

We seriously hope this Lego Idea becomes gets the go-signal from Lego.

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