Fisker Automotive announced earlier that its Executive Chairman and co-founder, Henrik Fisker, has resigned from the company for the reason of having 'major disagreements' with the company's executive management regarding its business strategy.

"While Henrik has resigned from the company his presence and influence is still very much a part of Fisker Automotive. Henrik Fisker pioneered these designs and they continue to live within the walls of Fisker Automotive." according to a statement issued by the Fisker Automotive Group.

Henrik Fisker also made it clear that his resignation wasn't due to the management's plans to sell the company to the Chinese. Prior to his resignation, reports have also pointed out that the company has been seeking several investors and buyers for the brand to keep afloat.

Despite these, recent reports have revealed that China's Geely wasn't that keen on investing in the US-based hybrid car maker and skipped on making a final bid as they deem it 'too risky' while China-owned Dongfeng Motor Group has already submitted its final offer to the company. Although no specific amount was announced by Dongfeng, initial bids from both Dongfeng and Geely was reportedly valued from $200 million to $300 million.


Fisker Automotive doesn't find it impossible for Henrik Fisker to be re-hired by the company in the future by issuing this statement: "Many other companies have seen their founders depart and in many cases return to influence or even lead their company in the future. The growth process of an entrepreneur and their projects are often enhanced from these changes."

On a lighter note, after the former Executive Chairman turned in his company car, he went straight to a local Fisker dealership in Santa Monica, California to purchase his own Fisker Karma.