It seems NLEX Corporation now has comprehensive action plans to mend the traffic and RFID issues that have hounded them over the weekend. After Mayor Rex Gatchalian suspended the business permit and business operations of NLEX in Valenzuela City, the company has issued action plans that will alleviate toll plaza congestion, and address account balance problems of motorists with RFID tags.

Beginning with the toll plaza congestion issue, NLEX said that they plan to relocate the sticker installation and reloading sites to more accessible areas in order to decongest the Karuhatan and Mindanao toll plazas. They're also looking to have additional RFID antennas, as well as handheld RFID scanners in order to speed up toll payments and traffic flow. This also includes enhancing their equipment maintenance and replacement program. More importantly, NLEX Corporation is also looking into redesigning the Karuhatan Interchange to expand its vehicle capacity and prevent traffic buildup.

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Another issue that NLEX Corporation wants to fix is the low account balance that motorists have been experiencing. In order to avoid motorists having to go through toll plazas with insufficient load, NLEX said that they will implement a periodic subscriber notification system that can alert a motorist on their account balance. They plan to do this via SMS/Viber, email, or text blasts. Additional reloading sites in the vicinity of toll plazas are also being eyed by NLEX in order for motorists to have enough load to pass through.

Another way of reloading the RFID is being planned out via Paymaya or Smart Pasaload. That way, motorists can easily top up their accounts before heading out to the toll plazas. The company is looking to have this on-air reloading system available as early as Q1 of 2021. In case certain crediting merchants are experiencing technical issues, NLEX wants to disseminate information as quickly as possible in order for motorists to avoid having technical issues.

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But what about motorists that have unreadable/damaged RFID tags? Well, NLEX Corporation is looking to intensify calls to subscribers whose accounts have been deemed 'unreadable'. Moreover, they also want to boost the sticker replacement program for defective RFIDs to ensure that there will be no such issues in the future.

With action plans in place, the only thing NLEX Corporation has to do now is to turn them into reality and ensure traffic flow along the expressway improves. Hopefully, they will also find a way to make their scanners/antennas read RFID tags faster and make reloading account balances available instantaneous.

If the City of Valenzuela finds that this action plan improves the situation at the toll plazas, perhaps they will allow NLEX Corporation to do business again and collect toll fees.