The much-awaited 2016 Toyota Hilux will soon be making its Philippine debut. Official specifications of the pickup has not yet been released but according to an anonymous source, this will be the official pricing of the soon-to-be released pickup.

At the top of the range is the 2.8G which will arrive in either automatic or manual variants. The 6-speed automatic retails for PhP 1,685,000 while the manual version of the will go for PhP 1,555,000. Compared to the older models, the automatic 4x4 will be more expensive than the current generation by PhP 150,000. The manual 4x4 on the other hand gets a PhP 74,000 increase in price.

Next up is the 2.4G 4x2 variant which will be priced at PhP 1,283,000 (PhP 1,229,000 previously) for the automatic and PhP 1,208,000 (PhP1,175,000 previously) for the manual.

The rear and side of the 2016 Toyota Hilux

The last of the bunch are the two level entry level variants, the 2.4E M/T and the 2.4J M/T. The E variant gets a modest price increase of PhP 39,000 as it will be sold with a price tag of PhP 1,033,000. The base model J on the other hand will go for PhP 929,000, substantially pricier than the current generation variant which only sells for PhP 865,000.

The cab and chassis variant will also be powered by the new 2.4-liter turbo diesel and will retail for PhP 776,000, PhP 65,000 more than the current offering.

Aside from the local pricing of the 2016 Hilux, available colors for the upcoming pickup include: Freedom White, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Attitude Black Mica, Crimson Spark Red and Orange Metallic. The white color can be applied to all variants while the hues from Silver to Red will only be offered for the 2.8G up to the 2.4E. The orange finish is reserved only for the range topping 2.8G.

First launched in Thailand back in May 2015, Toyota described the next-gen Hilux as a 'tough pickup truck' that can take on any  terrain while also being able to deliver a comfortable ride for the occupants.

The eight-generation Toyota Hilux will have its Philippine debut next week.