Just last month, Chevrolet released the first details (and images) of the upcoming Corvette C8 Z06. Despite wearing heavy camouflage, it's quite apparent that the new Z06 will be different from the standard C8.

It will sport a revised front bumper, new wheels, and what appears to be a fixed rear wing. Aside from the aesthetic upgrades, the C8 Z06 also sounds different from a standard 'Vette as it will reportedly use a different V8 engine.

With the official launch slated on October 26, 2021, we're still a month away before the bow-tie brand reveals the model in full. But to show just how serious they are in launching the Z06, Chevrolet recently released the first image of the more powerful Corvette without the camo.

The latest photo gives us our first clear look at the all-new Z06's exterior styling. The front fascia features a sportier front bumper, a larger center intake, and a more aggressive front splitter. It also has multi-spoke wheels wrapped in low-profile tires, redesigned side air intakes, and what appears to be a new rear quarter panel.

There are no pictures yet of the Z06's rear, although we did notice the absence of the fixed rear wing. Instead, it looks like the Z06 will have a ducktail-style wing. This leads us to believe that Chevrolet could offer the larger fixed wing as part of an optional performance/appearance pack.

Details about its engine are still a mystery. But based on reports, the Z06 will supposedly have a 5.5-liter flat-plane V8 instead of the 6.2-liter LT2 V8 found in the standard C8. The rumored V8 will reportedly crank out 617 PS and will be mated to a Tremec-sourced transmission. Aside from a more powerful engine, the Z06 may also come with improved brakes, an upgraded suspension, and stickier tires.

With the launch of the new Corvette Z06 happening in a month, we won't be surprised if Chevrolet reveals more details in the coming weeks. While waiting, check out the video and listen again to the Z06's screaming V8.

Since Chevrolet Philippines plans to launch the Corvette C8 this year, we're hoping they also bring several units of the Z06 here as well.