At the upcoming 2019 Geneva International Motor Show this March, Honda is set to reveal two new electric vehicles at the show – the cute-looking Urban EV concept and the even more adorable Tomo electric pickup. Now, Honda released a teaser photo showing the Urban EV Concept's interior ahead of its public debut at Geneva.

With the outside having been redesigned for production, Honda has now given us a quick peep inside the upcoming EV's interior. From the lone interior photo, we can see that the Urban EV concept will have a minimalist style, full-width dashboard with just three large LED screens displaying vehicle information such as charging status and remaining battery life. At the same time, the full width LED display will also be responsible for displaying the infotaintment as well as air-conditioning.

Other notable details inside the Urban EV concept include a two-spoke steering wheel. This is likely a homage to Civics of the past which came with a two-spoke wheel such the original 70's Civic, as well the fourth-generation EF Civic. A closer look at wheel shows that it will have infotainment controls on the left side and cruise control functions on the right. The steering wheel is also heated for those frosty nights.

Aside from the steering wheel and large LED screen, not much can be seen on the Urban EV concept's dashboard. It does come with a push start button and the top of the dash is layered with wood to give it a touch of class and refinement. Meanwhile, the vents look flush into the dash just below the wood trim.

The rest of the dash has been darkened, which means we will have to wait until it debuts at Geneva to know more about the upcoming Urban EV Concept.