The word Mustang mixed with the word crossover won't exactly please the Ford purists. Still, that isn't stopping the American automaker from actually building one. In fact, they have just dropped the first teaser for it, and there's even a release date too.

While only the side profile has been sketched out, one look and the Mustang cues are very evident. For instance, the headlights have a similar pattern to the pony car with its distinct light pattern. Also, the long hood with its power bulge takes a page from the sports coupe. Then, there's the tail lights. Like the Mustang, the crossover has the signature three-bar pattern on it as well.

Other noteworthy design elements are the lines on the fender, below the window line, and quarter panel. Again, those details are much like the Mustang, making us imagine a muscular high-rider. The roof meanwhile is somewhat coupe-like with its swooping, streamlined shape.

Despite the looks, this Mustang-inspired crossover won't be powered by a V8 engine. In fact, it won't have an engine at all. This yet to be named crossover will be harnessing the power of electricity instead. Again, Mustang purists will not be pleased. Still, if it goes as fast, or even faster, than the 5.0-liter Mustang, it might just turn doubters into believers.

The electric crossover will be revealed at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 11. Once it hits full production, it has one American electric crossover right on its cross hairs: The Tesla Model X.