The LTO makes it easier for you to snitch on traffic violators

If it weren't for the power of social media, some of the crazy driving and traffic violations we see on the streets wouldn't catch the attention of government agencies like the Land Transporation Office (LTO). 

LTO enforcers aren't always around and in all places. While there are no-contact apprehension schemes in various cities, these don't cover all of the major streets. But with the help of netizens, similar incidents are being brought up.


To encourage the public and help clean the streets of erring motorists, the LTO launched the “Maging Inform-cer” program. Essentially it encourages us, regular citizens, to inform the agency of motorists that are violating the law. To make it easier to report incidents, the LTO even introduced a template and checklist that everyone can follow.


How do you report an incident? There are various ways to do so. One of which is by sending a report through the LTO's official social media page, including the official social media pages of their regional offices. The second is by sending an email to the [email protected]. You may also send in reports by calling the hotline 1-342-586 or use the CitiSend app.


Before sending in a report, the agency request that “inform-cers” include valuable information to pinpoint the traffic violator easier. These include a description of the incident, vehicle details (make/model/color and plate/conduction number), and the location and time the incident took place. Have a video or photo of the incident? You can also send that to the LTO by providing a screenshot or a link to the video.

By reporting incidents that you see to the LTO, we can help make the streets a safer place for everyone. And if you think of committing a traffic violation, beware. There might not be CCTVs or traffic enforcers, but someone's phone camera or dashcam could serve as the LTO's eyes.