It looks like an avid fan of the Land Rover Defender was able to take a snap of the all-new model. Scheduled to make its official debut this September, what you're seeing right now may just be the 2020 Defender we have all been waiting for.

Posted by Instagram user 'shedlocktwothousand', the supposed Defender in the photo was apparently spotted in a new James Bond film set. Without the camo livery hiding its body, it appears the all-new Defender gets a retro-modern look. It somewhat keeps the traditional boxy design as before, along with the squared wheel arches, and flat hood. However, it now has smoother and rounder curves.


Other than that, the new Defender appears to have a more rakish windshield, as well as a new face up front. A more unified front grill design makes its way on the 2020 Defender while the headlights themselves are placed in a rectangular housing complete with what look to be LED daytime running lights.

Side-by-side with the camouflaged photos posted from before, it looks like the cat is pretty much out of the bag for Land Rover. And, if you remember seeing the Lego version that was accidentally revealed last June, you can see that it has styling cues borrowed from the real thing.

But when will it arrive here in the Philippines, we hear you asking? Well according to a senior executive from Jaguar Land Rover Philippines, the 2020 Defender will reportedly arrive some time in February or March of next year. That means we only have to wait for about six to seven months before the Defender makes its local debut here.


Production of the new Defender will begin some time in December of this year, but don't expect it to come from the Solihull factory in Birmingham, UK. That's right, the new Defender will be built at a new state-of-the-art facility in Nitra, Slovakia. Also, don't expect it to come with a leaf spring rear as Land Rover supposedly opted for a more modern independent system for the back. A 2.0-liter turbo-diesel, as well as a hybrid option, are just some of the available powertrains for the upcoming Defender.

The new Land Rover Defender will be making its official debut come September 5, 2019.