Yes, the Skyway Stage 3 is now open, albeit on a partial basis.

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) yesterday announced that the Skyway will open today, December 29. After an opening ceremony that was held at Balintawak, the new road that will alleviate traffic by giving an option to bypass EDSA is operational to the motoring public. And for 1 month, SMC is waiving all toll fees for the Skyway Stage 3.

The question remains: which on and off ramps are open? The answer is that there are 7 entry and exit points that were opened to the public today at 10:00AM.

Here's the list:

1. Buendia (Zobel) Northbound On Ramp
2. Buendia (Zobel) Southbound Off Ramp
3. Plaza Dilao Southbound On Ramp
4. Quezon Avenue (Agno Ext) Southbound On Ramp
5. Quezon Avenue (Agno Ext) Northbound Off Ramp
6. Quezon Avenue (Talayan) Northbound On Ramp
7. Quezon Avenue (Talayan) Southbound Off Ramp
8. Balintawak Northbound Off Ramp
9. Balintawak Southbound On Ramp

Skyway Stage 3 Entry Points image
These access points will be open to the public until further notice. The soft opening will allow motorists to bypass EDSA when traversing the National Capital Region from north to south and vice versa. 

SMC and the other concerned government agencies such as DPWH had experienced delays with several aspects of the project. Initially, they had wanted to open Skyway Stage 3 on a partial basis early in December, but were forced to hold back due to  inclement weather that delayed the curing time of the concrete and the preparation of the asphalt for the road. Other factors also played a major role; in February a portion of the Skyway Stage 3 near Pandacan collapsed due to a massive fire at a warehouse underneath. It was fully repaired and replaced by September.

SMC is also pushing forth the construction of other ramps for Skyway Stage 3, and are reportedly targeting a fully operational status by January 14, 2021. Together with the Skyway extension in the south that would increase the length of the elevated road to Susana Heights, the whole alignment should be a major contributor to the reduction of traffic on EDSA, C-5, and other major and smaller roads around the metro.