These Nissan PH dealerships offer free fast-charging for the Leaf

A few days ago, Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) officially launched the 2021 Leaf. Not only does it mark the brand’s push towards EV mobility, but it also signifies Nissan’s intention to offer more electrified models soon.

But how can one charge the Leaf’s batteries? Sure, Nissan will provide you with a home charging system, but what if you need to recharge on the road? Well, NPI has that covered with its fast-charging stations.

As of yesterday, the following locations now serve as Nissan’s designated EV dealerships. These are Nissan Mantrade (Makati), Nissan Otis, and Nissan Cebu South - V.Rama. Each dealership comes equipped with fast charging systems that are exclusively available to Leaf customers and are free of charge for the time being. Rated at 50 kilowatts, Nissan says the Leaf’s batteries can achieve an 80% charge in just 40 minutes.

Apart from these, Nissan said that four more locations will become EV dealerships. These are Nissan Matina, Nissan Tagum, Nissan Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Nissan Manila Bay. There are no dates yet as to when they will start offering the Leaf and recharging services.

This is where you can buy and recharge a Nissan Leaf image

With a total of 7 EV dealerships (for now), we’re curious if the Leaf will be able to travel long distances. With its claimed 311 km range, will it still have enough juice for a recharge at any of the previously mentioned EV dealerships?

Starting with the locations in Metro Manila, the Leaf will have no trouble getting around NCR as there will be four dealerships that will offer fast charging. Unfortunately, there are no dealerships in the rest of Luzon that can recharge the Leaf (for now, at least). That also means you have to keep the range in mind.

For example, if you’re going to Tagaytay City from any of the Nissan dealerships, you’ll need to cover around 60 km on the way there, and another 60 km on the way back. That’s roughly 120 km (or more) consumed, which means you’ll still have around 190 km left on the batteries. But that’s not always a guarantee since the remaining range can vary greatly, depending on use.

Over in the Visayas, Nissan Cebu South is the sole EV dealership in the region. That means apart from your house, only one dealership will be able to offer fast-charging of the Leaf in Cebu and the rest of Visayas.

This is where you can buy, recharge a Nissan Leaf image

In Mindanao, Nissan Tagum of Davao del Norte and Nissan Matina of Davao del Sur will serve as the brand’s EV dealerships/charging stations in the region. With a distance of just over 55 km between the two dealerships, owners of the Nissan Leaf can charge at either location should they need to.

Since there is no national infrastructure yet for recharging EVs, Nissan believes that its select dealerships will serve as the company’s way of providing on-road charging for its Leaf customers. The company also said that they will become the largest quick-charging station network in the entire country.

Should Nissan be able to add more EV dealerships across the country, it will allow Leaf owners to go the distance and need not worry about range anxiety. The last thing any EV owner would want is a depleted battery.