As it turns out, Mercedes-Benz is ready to unveil an updated version of their mid-size sedan, the E-Class. This isn't just some rumor swirling around either, the German automaker themselves said it, and even have the photos to back it up.


No, they haven't fully revealed the car just yet. Instead, Mercedes-Benz published what can only be described as 'official spy shots'. The cars are still wrapped in camouflage, and the way it's covered suggests that there are, at the very least, significant changes to the front and rear. The flanks of the car on the other hand seem to be carried over from the current model. They didn't cover the wheels either and the designs are also the ones seen in the E-Class of the present. However, that could change once the car is fully revealed.

There are no photos of the cabin just yet, but Mercedes-Benz did mention several changes there nonetheless. The infotainment system will get new graphics and the MBUX system will be fitted to certain versions of the car as an option. Expect minor trim changes and options as well.


Aside from those exterior and interior updates and upgrades, they showed three different versions of the car (sort of). The automaker even went as far as photographing them out in the open. With the brand making buzz about it, we might just see it in a few months' time.

Mercedes-Benz also released a few spec changes for the 2020 (or 2021) E-Class. It will be new engines under the hood of the updated E-Class. A new four-cylinder engine will be introduced in the E-Class, but that's as far as Mercedes-Benz will go. Power outputs have yet to be specified but they say it will have mild electric assistance to go along with it.


The same goes for the six-cylinder options. No more V6 mills under the hood as it's been replaced by the new turbocharged inline-six seen in the all-new GLE 450, E53 AMG, CLS 450, and S 450. Power for that ranges from 367 PS, all the way to 435 PS.

By the looks of things, we could expect the “new” E-Class to be revealed by mid-2020 with customer deliveries in Europe and the US to be somewhere in the third quarter. As for the Philippine market, a launch date of 2021 seems more plausible unless local distributor, CATS Motors, has a little surprise in store.