Yesterday, Toyota posted a teaser image of the all-new Corolla Sedan (Altis) showing its distinct silhouette. It is set to make its official debut at this year's Guangzhou International Automotive Exhibition and will be joined by the China-only Levin.

Now the automaker has given a glimpse of the upcoming Corolla Sedan anew, this time showing a portion of the car's front fascia. As expected, the design of the four-door is similar to that of its five-door brethren; the hatchback and the wagon.

The signature LED headlight design, along with the huge front grill give clear indications that the sedan will look very similar to the previously mentioned body styles. What makes the sedan slightly different however, comes courtesy of what appears to be new corner lights mounted on the front bumper.

While both the wagon and the hatchback come with circular foglights, the Corolla Sedan appears to come with additional running lights instead. Perhaps this is Toyota's way of making the four-door stand out from the five-doors. Apart from that design revision, the sedan also appears to have a slightly different chin spoiler or front bumper garnish.

Toyota has yet to show the Corolla Sedan's rear, but it's highly like to get the same taillight and rear bumper design as well. There could be some subtle design changes here and there, but until Toyota officially reveals the all-new sedan, everything is up to speculation at the moment.

A wide array of engine choices will be available in the Toyota Corolla Sedan once it's officially revealed to the public. But for the Philippine-spec Corolla Altis, it's highly likely we'll still get the carried-over 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine with Dual VVT-i producng 122 PS. The new 2.0-liter hybrid engine with 180 PS could be made available in the country as well along with the six-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) or, more likely, a CVT with seven-speed manual mode.

Billed by Toyota as a 2020 model, it looks like it will take a while before the all-new Corolla arrives in showrooms around the world. At least it won't be long now until we get to see the new sedan once it makes its official debut come November 16 in Guangzhou.