Wagons may not be as popular as crossovers, but Subaru isn't giving up on them at all. Despite having three crossovers in its lineup (XV, Forester, Outback, and the US-Market only Ascent), Subaru is all set to unveil the next-generation Levorg. Well, sort of.

It will be revealed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show next month and Subaru describes it as a 'prototype vehicle'. Now, that can either mean a concept or a pre-production version of the said wagon. They did, however, show a teaser photo of the car, and it's starting to look more like the latter.

At least that's the first impression upon looking at the lone photo. Notice that the side mirrors aren't your typical concept car 'slim' mirrors. Instead, they look like road-going versions as they are rather large. If you've had Subarus in the past, or own a Subaru, you may have noticed they have rather large side mirrors and the photo shows what appears to be the case.

Also, there doesn't appear to be any wild or extreme body lines on the car. If it were a concept car, it looks rather conventional. Then again, it can also be a thinly-veiled version of the production car. Either way, Subaru has made it clear that there will, indeed, be an all-new Levorg.

As far as the exterior goes, it doesn't look like it will simply be an Impreza with a longer roof and a tailgate. There are noticeable more curves and lines on the doors than the sedan. Also, the doors themselves appear significantly different from the sedan. Tail lights on the other hand, are unique to this model, employing an elongated C-shape design.

It is likely to ride on the new Subaru Global Platform, first used in the fifth-generation Impreza launched about two years ago. It's also the same architecture found on the all-new Forester. As for engines, expect the tried and tested 1.6-liter or 2.0-liter boxer engine, but don't rule out a hybrid option in the future.