Those that frequently take the Hillsborough off-ramp along Skyway will need to find an alternate route starting next week.

With the Northbound Skyway extension now open, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) plans to quickly finish the construction of the Skyway Extension project. SMC president Ramon S. Ang announced that work in the southbound direction will now move at a faster pace.

“It’s only been a number of days since we opened the northbound section, free to the public until further notice, and already we have seen a huge improvement in traffic flow, particularly on SLEX and the Alabang viaduct. That makes us even more determined to complete construction of the southbound section, so this project can fully serve motorists and improve traffic and connectivity to and from the south,” said Ang.

In order to fast-track construction on the southbound segment, SMC said that they will need to close the Hillsborough off-ramp on the southbound lane of Skyway. The company said it will be permanently closed to traffic starting April 19, 6:00 AM. With it, vehicles coming from the elevated Skyway will have to exit at the steel ramp in Alabang. SMC says that motorists should expect heavy traffic due to the closure.

SMC to accelerate construction of Skyway Extension southbound image

“Unfortunately, there is no way around it, we need to close this portion to secure the staging ground for equipment and workers and to accelerate construction and ensure the safety of our motorists. I appeal to our motorists again for their patience and understanding. We expect heavy traffic to persist for the duration of the construction, but rest assured we will do everything we can to help mitigate this, and complete the project within the timetable,” added Ang.

SMC is advising motorists to take alternate routes once the Hillsborough off-ramp is closed.

Class 1 vehicles from Pasay, Makati, Manila, and Quezon City bound for SLEX and farther South

• From Skyway Elevated, keep left to Steel Ramp towards destination.

Class 1 vehicles from Pasay, Makati, Manila, and Quezon City bound for Alabang

• From Skyway – Elevated, keep right to Alabang-Zapote off-ramp.

With SMC accelerating construction of the Southbound Skyway Extension, the new segment could be finished even before its target month of July this year. Once complete, heading to the South will be a lot faster and easier than before.