Earlier this year there was one single Facebook post that lit the internet ablaze as far as the aftermarket goes: Daigo Saito got his hands on a GR Supra. Back then that meant his crew at Fat Five Racing would tear into the car and prep it for an exhibition at D1 Odaiba in March. Among the things to be done on the car, fans of Daigo would know that he only has one true weapon of choice as far as motors go for his competition cars: The venerable 2JZ-GTE from the A80 Supra. That meant at the time then, that even before the A90 hit showroom floors it would already be swapped with a 2JZ.

A 2JZ swap into a new platform such as the A90 GR Supra is not a straightforward plug-and-play affair, and Fat Five Racing would enlist the help of one of Japan’s aftermarket giants to keep the powertrain in check for their secret project. This is where HKS entered the picture – and obviously they’ve had a healthy head start to study the chassis of the new Supra. Given this advantage, it has only been almost three months since they completed the project for Daigo, and now HKS appears to be ready with a host of parts for the much-anticipated platform.

HKS now has parts for your Toyota GR Supra image

Set to be displayed at Toyota Mega Web from May 17th to May 19th, the HKS GR Supra development car gives potential clients a taste of what they have to offer for the A90.

One look at the photos provided on the Gazoo Racing page indicates that HKS have already fitted an exhaust system on their demo car. Aside from their signature burnt exhaust tips, the HKS Supra is rolling on a set of Advan GTs wrapped in Advan Neova AD08R rubber. The car itself looks to be a bit lower than stock, and considering Daigo’s Supra already ran a set of HKS Hipermax Coilovers it’s probably safe to say that they also have a production-ready set sitting under those guards.

Those details aside, HKS have yet to truly itemize their latest offerings for the new Supra. Seeing just how quickly Toyota allows the aftermarket to dive into the car however makes for a promising reception from both tuning companies and from its fans as well. It looks like the A90 Supra may well be living up to the A80’s legend then.