Honda Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced that the company has reached the 100 million-unit milestone in cumulative global automobile production.

The company began automobile production in 1963 with the T360 mini-truck. Since then Honda has been increasing its cumulative production volume while enhancing the product lineup. They also developed regional models to accommodate unique characteristics of each region.

To increase international competitiveness, Honda entered overseas markets on its own and began production of Accord in Ohio in 1982, becoming the brand's first automobile production by its own local subsidiary outside of Japan.

The company then continued expanding its automobile production operations to different regions of the world including Asia, Europe, South America and China.

Honda achieves 100M production milestone

Honda has also been pursuing the establishment of a flexible and mutually complementary production system which utilizes the company's 34 automobile production operations in 18 countries and territories.

Through these initiatives, the automaker reached the 100 million-unit milestone in cumulative automobile production in September 2016, which is the 54th year since the company started automobile production.

Also motorcycle and power products production will add to more than 560 million-unit in cumulative for Honda’s worldwide production.

Honda said that they will continue on utilizing its global resources as well as offer innovative products for their customers worldwide.