“Knowledge is power.”

In order to be better at something, you first need to know what ­to do. It’s the same case for becoming a faster driver on the race track. By knowing where you can improve and how to do so, you’ll eventually be a better driver than when you first started.

One of the main ways of doing so is by checking out your driving data through a datalogger. The only problem? They’re usually expensive.

Alongside the upgrades of the 2020 Civic Type R, Honda has also added a datalogger function for the high-performance model. Better yet, it also comes as a stand-alone app for your phone. Called the LogR, it is essentially Honda’s version of a datalogger and records vehicle data when you’re at a race track.

The app works by connecting to the vehicle’s onboard computer, displaying numerous parameters and data. Drivers can interact with the app through three main functions: Performance Monitor, Log Mode, and Auto Score. The Performance Monitor provides vehicle information to the driver through an app on the display audio screen. Meanwhile, Log Mode records lap times on track via a GPS. Auto Score shows how “smooth” the driver is by monitoring braking, acceleration, and steering.

Honda adds datalogger to 2020 Civic Type R to make better drivers image

While driving, the driver interacts through the LogR app via the infotainment screen. Oil, water, and intake temperatures, oil and boost pressure, and even g-forces can be all seen on the screen. What’s great about the app is that Log Mode and Auto Score offer in-depth analysis once the phone is unplugged from the vehicle including previous drives and even replays using GPS mapping.

The app will launch and will be available for download on both iPhone and Android users sometime Spring 2020. Unfortunately for older Type R owners, this app is not compatible. Honda says it will only work with the updated 2020 Civic Type R.