Honda dealerships in Alabang and Global City both open an Honda Accessory Corner business units to provide their valued customers an enhanced driving enjoyment and ownership experience.

The Honda Accessory Corner offers original Modulo and Mugen accessories. Honda PH says all authorized Honda Car dealerships in the country sell both Modulo and Mugen accessories, however only those with operating Honda Accessory Corners will be able to offer the latest items as well as premium merchandise from Asimo, Honda, Modulo and Mugen collections.

The Honda Accessory Corner business unit

Honda PH added that they offer Modulo and Mugen accessory packages for different models. Select models of the current Honda line-up are also available for purchase with factory-installed accessories such as the all-new City 1.5 VX Mugen, 1.5 VX Modulo Aero Sports, 1.5 E Navi+ Modulo Utility, 1.5 E Modulo Utility, Civic 1.8 E Modulo, Civic 2.0 EL Mugen, Jazz Mugen Limited Edition, CR-Z Modulo and CR-Z Mugen.