The topic of artificial intelligence is nothing new now-a-days given the rapid development of technology. In fact, some forms of artificial intelligence can already be found in our pockets right now, such as Siri from Apple. This time however, Honda has began a new joint research in artificial intelligence with Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics. The joint project is aimed at further accelerating research of AI.

Honda believes that AI is one of the technologies that would make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Thus, Honda strives to develop an AI that can collaborate with people. That AI would then be capable of understanding and accommodating people's needs, along with expanding their potential.

To accelerate the development of such an AI capable of doing so, Honda Research Institute Japan started the project with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of Informatics. Professors Takatsune Kumada and Hisashi Kashima will be representing and heading the project, and ensure that the AI will be accepted by people.

"RI has a long history of conducting joint research with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology at Graduate School of Kyoto University, which has top-class researchers in a range of areas that include discovering how human beings process information, theory establishment and intelligent information processing. Through this new project we have just begun, we would like to continue proposing new AI research," said Hiroshi Tsujino, President & CEO, Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.

A society where in AI are trusted just like family members and part of everyday life is the future Honda envisions. Thus, Honda continues to strive to create more innovations and plans to provide people everywhere a better life.