Honda Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced sales of a new compact minivan in Japan, named the Freed. This new model fuses an easy-to-use and spacious cabin with stylish design.

Developed under the concept of "Freedom to create the perfect lifestyle," the Freed features Honda's original low-floor and low-center-of-gravity technology, to achieve a compact body size that makes it easy to maneuver through city streets as well as a spacious cabin that enables adults to sit comfortably in all three rows. Honda developed this vehicle with the goal of creating a minivan that is comfortable and easy-to-use for every passenger and that offers new value by enabling customers to fully and freely utilize this vehicle in activities that meet individual lifestyles ranging from daily transportation to leisure time trips.

Three different versions are offered: the first seven-passenger vehicle in its class*1 featuring captain's seats in the second row; the first eight-passenger vehicle in its class; and a five-passenger type which offers a large, best-in-class cargo space. Moreover, for the first time in a registration-class Honda vehicle, wheelchair-accessible models, available by June 20, are offered in addition to versions with a side lift-up seat and passenger lift-up seat. With the addition of these mobility assistive models, Honda positions Freed as a vehicle which fulfills the diverse needs of a wide range of customers.


Freed offers a compact body with cabin space that allows adults to sit comfortably in all three rows. It has a flat-floor, newly designed from the frame up, which maximizes usable space from end to end. Seven, eight and five-passenger seat configurations easily respond to various lifestyle needs.

Design and driving performance

Freed exudes dynamic and stylish form that creates eye-catching urban look. Its compact, easy-to-maneuver body and excellent field of vision provide driver with confidence.

With the goal of making multi-passenger traveling more comfortable and to enhance the joy of driving, Honda has been adopting its low-floor and low-center-of-gravity technology as the foundation of its minivan technologies. With the addition of the Freed, Honda is further enhancing its low-floor, low-center-of-gravity minivan lineup.