Ask, and you shall receive.

After the overwhelming response to the release of the Civic Type R in the Philippine market, it appears that Honda is looking to bring in a second batch for eager customers who weren’t able to get one of the initial 100 units last year.

The news comes directly from Mr. Noriyuki Takakura, the president and general manager of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), after he told members of the press of their plans for a second batch today during the test drive of the highly acclaimed 300+ horsepower hot hatchback.

After Honda announced that they would be accepting orders for the Type R, the first batch of 100 units allocated to Honda Cars Philippines sold out within 48 hours. Many of the customers bought the car for their pleasure, though a few are reportedly reselling their cars to try to make a profit; one was supposedly being offered for PhP 4.6 million, well more than its PhP 2.98 million sticker price. 

Mr. Takakura, however, did not give any concrete details as to how many, or how the new excise tax would affect pricing as the new tax schedules made premium vehicles potentially more profitable for carmakers. But the greatest challenge for the second batch will not be tax but the exchange rate, not to mention the high global demand. 

Given the peso weakening against foreign currencies such as the Japanese Yen, the cost of acquiring a Type R could be greatly affected. Despite the fact that the Civic Type R is being manufactured in the United Kingdom, sources indicate that the HCPI has to deal in JPY rregardless of the point of manufacture.