It's going to be a busy (fiscal) year in Honda Cars Philippines.

On top of their confirmation that the Honda Brio hatchback will be arriving in Q3, Honda executives have just told that two other models are on the way as the automaker is set to make good on HCPI president Toshio Kuwahara's promise to the motoring media that “we will keep you busy”.

Prior to the arrival of the all-new Brio, Honda Cars Philippines will also be launching the next generation Jazz, which is also known as the Fit in other countries. The 5-door hatchback was initially revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and features two engines with 1.5-liter and 1.3-liter displacements, both of which have Earth Dreams technologies.

The next gen Honda Jazz is targeted for a Q3 2014 release prior to the Brio.

The other model that Honda is working on is the Honda Brio Amaze;the 4-door sedan version of the car that HCPI will introduce in Q3 this year right after the Jazz. It is likely that the Brio Amaze will arrive with the same 1.3-liter motor to be launched with the Brio hatchback, and will allow Honda to compete against the Mirage G4 and other similar models.

The Honda Brio Amaze is targeted for an early 2015 launch, thereby bringing Honda's new model launch tally to 5 launches in 12 months with the Accord, the City, the Jazz, the Brio and Brio Amaze.

Looks like HCPI will be keeping us very busy indeed.