Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces a voluntary recall of some 834 vehicles of Honda CR-V 2012 year model sold in the Philippines for the period of April to July 2012, to replace the inner door handle and/or door latch assembly with countermeasure parts.

Findings show that if the manual or power door lock is activated while an interior front door handle is being opened by an occupant, the cable connecting the interior door handle to the door latch mechanism may become loose and move out of position. There is a possibility that the cable can move far enough out of position to make the interior door handle inoperable and, in very extreme case, prevent the door from properly latching. If the latter condition occurs, it is possible for a front door to be closed but not fully latched, allowing the door to open while driving.

No crashes or injuries have been reported related to this issue.

Replacement of affected parts will be carried out in all 28 authorized dealers and 3 service centers nationwide, free of charge and will take about 2 hours (Repair time only). Repair of affected vehicles will start from August 1, 2012.

Other CR-V belonging to different year models will not experience the same failure because a different door latch and inner door handle design mechanism were applied.

Honda CR-V units with the following frame (VIN) numbers are included in the recall countermeasure:Concerned customers and/or owners shall be notified through a phone notification by Honda dealers and Letters of notice will be sent starting July 20, 2012. Honda is announcing this recall to encourage owners of all affected vehicles to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda.

To conduct the voluntary recall in an orderly manner, customers are requested to call their respective dealers for service appointment or call the HondaHotline 1-800-1000-HONDA (46632) and (02) 857-7240 or email at customer_relations [at]

Honda CR-V units with the following frame (VIN) numbers are included in the recall countermeasure:

2012 Honda CR-V2.0 liter model VIN Range
From To Total
JHLRM1820CC200077 JHLRM1820CC200077 1
JHLRM1820CC200084 JHLRM1820CC200086 3
JHLRM1820CC200088 JHLRM1820CC200094 7
JHLRM1820CC200096 JHLRM1820CC200106 11
JHLRM1820CC200108 JHLRM1820CC200146 39
JHLRM1820CC200154 JHLRM1820CC200163 10
JHLRM1820CC200165 JHLRM1820CC200169 5
JHLRM1820CC200171 JHLRM1820CC200176 6
JHLRM1820CC200178 JHLRM1820CC200181 4
JHLRM1820CC200183 JHLRM1820CC200203 21
JHLRM1820CC200205 JHLRM1820CC200207 3
JHLRM1820CC200210 JHLRM1820CC200226 17
JHLRM1820CC200228 JHLRM1820CC200252 25
JHLRM1820CC200254 JHLRM1820CC200317 64
JHLRM1820CC200319 JHLRM1820CC200334 16
JHLRM1820CC200336 JHLRM1820CC200337 2
JHLRM1820CC200339 JHLRM1820CC200345 7
JHLRM1820CC200347 JHLRM1820CC200347 1
JHLRM1820CC200349 JHLRM1820CC200351 3
JHLRM1820CC200353 JHLRM1820CC200356 4
JHLRM1820CC200358 JHLRM1820CC200406 49
JHLRM1820CC200411 JHLRM1820CC200452 42
JHLRM1820CC200454 JHLRM1820CC200455 2
JHLRM1820CC200457 JHLRM1820CC200457 1
JHLRM1820CC200459 JHLRM1820CC200460 2
JHLRM1820CC200476 JHLRM1820CC200477 2
JHLRM1820CC200481 JHLRM1820CC200503 23
JHLRM1820CC200508 JHLRM1820CC200508 1
JHLRM1820CC200527 JHLRM1820CC200546 20
JHLRM1820CC200548 JHLRM1820CC200548 1
JHLRM1820CC200551 JHLRM1820CC200551 1
JHLRM1820CC200553 JHLRM1820CC200553 1
JHLRM1820CC200559 JHLRM1820CC200559 1
JHLRM1820CC200561 JHLRM1820CC200561 1
JHLRM1820CC200578 JHLRM1820CC200578 1
JHLRM1820CC200601 JHLRM1820CC200610 10
JHLRM1820CC200612 JHLRM1820CC200612 1
JHLRM1820CC200614 JHLRM1820CC200614 1
JHLRM1820CC200617 JHLRM1820CC200618 2
JHLRM1820CC200620 JHLRM1820CC200627 8
JHLRM1820CC200640 JHLRM1820CC200640 1
JHLRM1820CC200643 JHLRM1820CC200643 1
JHLRM1820CC200665 JHLRM1820CC200665 1
JHLRM1820CC200683 JHLRM1820CC200687 5
JHLRM1820CC200689 JHLRM1820CC200694 6
JHLRM1820CC200696 JHLRM1820CC200696 1
JHLRM1820CC200706 JHLRM1820CC200706 1
JHLRM1820CC200709 JHLRM1820CC200715 7
JHLRM1820CC200718 JHLRM1820CC200719 2
JHLRM1820CC200730 JHLRM1820CC200730 1
JHLRM1820CC200735 JHLRM1820CC200735 1
JHLRM1820CC200739 JHLRM1820CC200739 1
JHLRM1820CC200748 JHLRM1820CC200748 1
JHLRM1820CC200750 JHLRM1820CC200750 1
JHLRM1820CC200752 JHLRM1820CC200752 1
JHLRM1820CC200761 JHLRM1820CC200762 2
JHLRM1820CC200767 JHLRM1820CC200768 2
JHLRM1820CC200770 JHLRM1820CC200770 1
JHLRM4840CC201544 JHLRM4840CC201544 1


2012 Honda CR-V2.4 liter model VIN Range
From To Total
JHLRM4840CC201656 JHLRM4840CC201689 34
JHLRM4840CC201760 JHLRM4840CC201762 3
JHLRM4840CC201764 JHLRM4840CC201764 1
JHLRM4840CC201766 JHLRM4840CC201766 1
JHLRM4840CC201810 JHLRM4840CC201826 17
JHLRM4840CC201828 JHLRM4840CC201828 1
JHLRM4840CC201830 JHLRM4840CC201861 32
JHLRM4840CC201863 JHLRM4840CC201888 26
JHLRM4840CC201890 JHLRM4840CC201908 19
JHLRM4840CC201915 JHLRM4840CC201917 3
JHLRM4840CC201920 JHLRM4840CC201930 11
JHLRM4840CC201932 JHLRM4840CC201933 2
JHLRM4840CC201935 JHLRM4840CC201943 9
JHLRM4840CC201948 JHLRM4840CC201956 9
JHLRM4840CC201971 JHLRM4840CC201982 12
JHLRM4840CC201985 JHLRM4840CC201995 11
JHLRM4840CC201997 JHLRM4840CC202007 11
JHLRM4840CC202010 JHLRM4840CC202015 6
JHLRM4840CC202019 JHLRM4840CC202023 5
JHLRM4840CC202027 JHLRM4840CC202028 2
JHLRM4840CC202030 JHLRM4840CC202036 7
JHLRM4840CC202039 JHLRM4840CC202044 6
JHLRM4840CC202047 JHLRM4840CC202052 6
JHLRM4840CC202108 JHLRM4840CC202118 11
JHLRM4840CC202120 JHLRM4840CC202128 9
JHLRM4840CC202130 JHLRM4840CC202131 2
JHLRM4840CC202133 JHLRM4840CC202137 5
JHLRM4840CC202139 JHLRM4840CC202140 2
JHLRM4840CC202142 JHLRM4840CC202145 4
JHLRM4840CC202147 JHLRM4840CC202150 4
JHLRM4840CC202152 JHLRM4840CC202161 10
JHLRM4840CC202302 JHLRM4840CC202303 2
JHLRM4840CC202306 JHLRM4840CC202306 1
JHLRM4840CC202308 JHLRM4840CC202308 1
JHLRM4840CC202310 JHLRM4840CC202313 4
JHLRM4840CC202316 JHLRM4840CC202318 3
JHLRM4840CC202320 JHLRM4840CC202321 2
JHLRM4840CC202323 JHLRM4840CC202324 2
JHLRM4840CC202326 JHLRM4840CC202326 1
JHLRM4840CC202328 JHLRM4840CC202330 3
JHLRM4840CC202332 JHLRM4840CC202332 1
JHLRM4840CC202334 JHLRM4840CC202334 1
JHLRM4840CC202336 JHLRM4840CC202337 2
JHLRM4840CC202339 JHLRM4840CC202340 2
JHLRM4840CC202342 JHLRM4840CC202342 1
JHLRM4840CC202347 JHLRM4840CC202347 1
JHLRM4840CC202349 JHLRM4840CC202350 2
JHLRM4840CC202353 JHLRM4840CC202356 4
JHLRM4840CC202358 JHLRM4840CC202359 2
JHLRM4840CC202362 JHLRM4840CC202362 1
JHLRM4840CC202365 JHLRM4840CC202368 4
JHLRM4840CC202370 JHLRM4840CC202371 2
JHLRM4840CC202373 JHLRM4840CC202373 1
JHLRM4840CC202378 JHLRM4840CC202378 1
JHLRM4840CC202381 JHLRM4840CC202389 9
JHLRM4840CC202391 JHLRM4840CC202393 3
JHLRM4840CC202395 JHLRM4840CC202395 1
JHLRM4840CC202399 JHLRM4840CC202400 2
JHLRM4840CC202402 JHLRM4840CC202405 4
JHLRM4840CC202407 JHLRM4840CC202407 1
JHLRM4840CC202410 JHLRM4840CC202410 1
JHLRM4840CC202418 JHLRM4840CC202420 3
JHLRM4840CC202422 JHLRM4840CC202426 5
JHLRM4840CC202428 JHLRM4840CC202432 5
JHLRM4840CC202435 JHLRM4840CC202437 3
JHLRM4840CC202460 JHLRM4840CC202462 3
JHLRM4840CC202465 JHLRM4840CC202465 1
JHLRM4840CC202467 JHLRM4840CC202468 2
JHLRM4840CC202470 JHLRM4840CC202472 3
JHLRM4840CC202474 JHLRM4840CC202475 2
JHLRM4840CC202478 JHLRM4840CC202480 3
JHLRM4840CC202482 JHLRM4840CC202483 2