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Honda celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Civic


CR-Z, CR-V, Civic o-DTEC, and Honda EV-STER to be showcased to the public too

This year, Honda celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Civic which was first introduced in 1972. The first generation Civic in 1972 was the first one to use the Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion (CVCC) technology that helped in reducing harmful emissions.  Since then sales have exceeded 20 million units worldwide. Honda is marking this anniversary by displaying an original first generation Civic at the Paris Motor Show alongside the latest generation Civic.

Alongside the first generation Civic, Honda is set to reveal its 2012 Paris Motor Show line-up including an updated CR-Z and the debut of the all-new CR-V and 1.6 Diesel engine in the Civic, the first engine in Europe to feature Honda's Earth Dreams Technology series, it combines strong performance (120 PS) with CO2 emissions of only 94 g/km.

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