Honda Modulo seems to have a retro theme going on at one of their booths at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. Aside from a 20th Anniversary Edition S2000, the Japanese automaker has a Civic Type R on display. No, we're not talking about the newly updated FK8-model that (that’s in another booth). Instead, its the very first Civic Type R, more popularly known as the EK9. Interestingly, Honda has reimagined it for 2020.

Honda Civic EK9 Type R reimagined for the

Called the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser, it essentially shows what the EK9 would look like it was built in a neo future Japan. Despite the radical redesign, it still retains the iconic EK hatchback shape that everyone has come to love. Though the front bumper is all new, it’s designed is still reminiscent of the facelifted EK (or SiR body) as we call it. The grill retains the original EK9’s shape but is now integrated into the bumper and features a dotted design. It’s the same story for the rear as a new bumper with an integrated diffuser has been fitted. EK fans will notice that the side mirrors have also been reshaped. New fan-shaped wheels replace the original set.

Probably the most unique feature on the Civic is are the headlights and taillights. While their overall shape is similar to the original units, they are now fully LED. In particular, the rear taillights now have a black LED strip that runs the length of the rear hatch. This design alone certainly lends it a more futuristic vibe.

Honda Civic EK9 Type R reimagined for the

The upgrades don’t stop with the exterior though. Inside, the EK9’s dashboard has also been updated. Gone are the signature red Recaro SR3 seats. In its place are newer Recaro units designed in collaboration with Honda. The dashboard is still the same unit however, the center console and the gauge clusters have been switched to newer LCD units. In fact, it even has a digital climate control system.

Honda did not disclose any detail regarding the engine of the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser. We’re guessing it still retains the factory B16B and 5-speed manual transmission.

The Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser may not go into production, but it might influence some EK9 owners to give their own Type Rs a neo-future look.