We may have entered into a new year, but COVID-19 still a threat. In the last few months, automakers have been busy releasing new types of cabin filters that can protect motorists from breathing in viruses.

But Honda wants to go a step further.

Unlike other filters (i.e. CN95) which prevent viruses and other particles from entering the cabin, Honda's new filter actually can actually damage and destroy a virus. Called 'Kurumaku', the new antiviral filter is actually placed on top of a cabin air filter, effectively making Honda's new filter work like a face mask.


Honda's Kurumaku works by catching air droplets thanks to a specially coated filter. It then damages any virus caught via a zinc phosphate chemical conversion treatment. With it, the automaker claims that having the air-conditioner on for at least 15 minutes can effectively remove 99.8% of virus droplets floating inside a car.

The new air filter will be first made available on the N-Box in Japan as a genuine accessory. The new filter costs JPY 6,400 – which makes it roughly PhP 2,985 when converted to local currency. In addition, the company says that it will need to be replaced yearly or every 15,000 kilometers.


Honda plans to introduce the new filter to other models in the near future – which means it might be available for other cars. Honda did not mention if the filter can kill the coronavirus, but the fact that it can destroy other viruses means it can give Honda owners a bit more peace of mind in the long run.