The Honda Foundation (HFI) is intensifying its drive for clean fleet management advocacy as it reaches out to fleet operators from the government and private sector for a whole day of eco-safety driving training at the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC).

In partnership with the Department of Energy (DoE), Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE) and the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), the HFI, composed of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc., Honda Philippines, Inc., Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation and Honda Trading Philippines, recently hosted a dynamic interaction among 16 representatives from various government agencies. Participants in the interaction included representatives from the Office of the President (OP), Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Maynilad, Manila Water and Globe Telecom, the goal of which was to collectively help address pressing issues on air pollution, climate change and energy sustainability.

"Faced with finite fuel resources, high fuel prices and worsening air quality, we must put our efforts together and act immediately before it's too late." said Mr. Voltaire Gonzales, HCPI's Head of Vehicle Sales and Corporate Communications.

The participants were enjoined to try and achieve better fuel economy figures in Honda's latest vehicle line up, with the representatives from Globe Telecom achieving 20.29 kilometers per liter using the 1.5L Honda City in combined highway and city driving conditions.

"For fifteen years now, we have been teaching safe and fuel efficient driving techniques under normal conditions," continued Mr. Gonzales. "With the simple formula: DRIVER plus VEHICLE plus FUEL equals FUEL ECONOMY, application of correct driving style, use of a well-maintained vehicle that is designed with fuel saving technology and use of high quality fuel can easily extend one's fuel mileage and reduce harmful emissions

Honda's Clean Fleet Management and Eco-Safe Driving Project is in support to the Government Energy Management Program and the Philippine Business Climate Imperative. Initiated in February 2011, Honda has already engaged 248 officers from 28 government agencies into the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Clean Fleet Toolkit. This toolkit serves as a practical guide in measuring and reducing emissions of vehicle fleets.