Honda held the world premiere of the Concept C and the Concept S at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, showing the direction of mass-production models the company will introduce to the market next year.

c rear

While the Concept C does show styling cues for a future Accord, Honda says it is a middle-class sedan they are developing specially for the Chinese market. The "C" represents "Cool," "Challenge," and "China." The Concept C features a stately, distinctive and sporty design that was inspired by the image of a dragon. The product planning for this model was led by Honda's Chinese associates and the development was done through cooperation between development teams in China and Japan. Honda is planning to introduce a mass-production model based on this Concept C next year through Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.

While C could also mean a C-segment car, one could not help but wonder what would happen if the 2012 Honda Civic looked like this instead.


Concept S meanwhile, will be a future value MPV that was developed primarily for the Chinese market to be introduced globally. The "S" stands for "Stylish," "Smart" and "Surprise." Adopting a hybrid powertrain, this concept model realizes both the "fun of driving" and excellent environmental performance at the same time. A spacious cabin was realized by Honda's packaging technologies, which is one of the distinctive strengths of Honda. A mass-production model based on this Concept S is scheduled for first introduction to the Chinese market through Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. next year, followed by a global release.