To form an even closer connection with its customers, Honda debuts the HondaLink in Thailand. It is an automotive application for smart phones, along with the Honda Roadside Assistance (Honda RSA) application and the HondaLink Navigation application. Thailand is the first country in Asia where these apps are being released.

Honda customers can access detailed information about their vehicles and other services through HondaLink. Using their smart phones, customers are presented with easy to understand and use graphical display to navigate through the app's three useful features: the Car Log, Statistics, and Maintenance.

The Car log allows the customers to keep detailed logs about their vehicles that records information such as last fill up of fuel and the vehicle's maintenance history. Statistics shows data such as fuel economy figure and odometer settings like the distance travelled in comparison with the diameter of the globe. Maintenance meanwhile enables Honda dealers to remind the customer about the vehicle's next maintenance schedule. This can include routine check-up, oil and filter changes and so on, as well as replacement of parts such as tires, the battery, or air filter.

Other reminders about necessities such as annual car tax renewal, monthly payment dates and insurance payments help Honda owners to ensure they don’t overlook anything important. They can also get updates on special promotions being offered by Honda dealers.

Customers can also get timely assistance with Honda Roadside Assistance (HondaRSA), another key application that is integrated with HondaLink. If their vehicle breaks down, this location-based service lets Honda customers quickly and easily call for roadside assistance support. The HondaLink app is also integrated with Honda’s 24hr. Roadside Assistance and provides immediate assistance by staff from the Honda service center. Using the Tracking Provider feature, customers can trace the location of the vehicle from Honda Service Centre that is heading to the site to provide assistance.

Lastly, the HondaLink Navigation application provides real-time traffic updates. An outstanding feature of the HondaLink Navigation application is Free Word Search, which offers easy and fast searching for travel information by typing in the name of the desired destination, Lane Info that enables driver to pre-check the route, travel planning and distance travelled to reach a destination.

According to Pitak Pruittisarikorn, Executive Vice President, Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., “Developing new applications such as this is part of our mission to create innovations that best suit customers’ digital-based lifestyles. It also reinforces Honda’s image as an advanced technology brand with a strong customer orientation.”