Honda Sensing 360 to debut in 2022, standard for all by 2030

Thanks to new technology, driving today is safer than ever. Most models now come with a wide range of safety systems such as forward collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and more. But Honda wants to make their vehicles even safer. While the automaker already offers Honda Sensing on several vehicles, they will soon introduce a more advanced version of it.

Honda eliminates blind spots with new Sensing 360 system image

The new system is called Honda Sensing 360. As the name implies, it further enhances the suite of driver-assist technology by offering a 360-degree range. For reference, the current Honda Sensing system installed in vehicles only scans the front and rear. Honda was able to upgrade this by adding a total of five millimeter-wave radars in front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to the monocular camera.

According to the automaker, the expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle that are difficult for the driver to check visually. As a result, blind spots are effectively removed and make overall driving safer. Honda adds that the new 360-degree system will also lessen the load on drivers while on the road. The development of the Honda Sensing 360 came from the lessons learned with the company's Level 3 automated driving tech.

Honda eliminates blind spots with new Sensing 360 system image

Some of the key features of Honda Sensing 360 include a more advanced version of Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) that offers a wider range of detection. There's also Front Cross Traffic Warning, which detects oncoming vehicles at an intersection, and Lane Change Collision Mitigation, which prevents collisions with vehicles in an adjacent lane. Rounding up the features are Active Lane Change Assist and Cornering Speed Assists, the latter of which adjust vehicle speed through corners when using adaptive cruise control.

Honda Sensing 360 will be introduced in China in 2022. It will then expand globally and become standard in all Honda models by 2030.

With Honda Sensing 360, the automaker hopes for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda automobiles globally by 2050. Considering how advanced the new safety suite is, their goal might be possible.