The sleek and futuristic looking Honda FCEV concept made its global debut at the 2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show, which the Japanese automaker scheduled for debut in the US and Japanese markets by 2015, followed by Europe.

Honda FCEV rear

Honda’s next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) follows in the footsteps of the FCX Clarity, the first fuel-cell vehicle sold to a retail customer in 2005. On the outside, the new FCEV Concept features sweeping character lines on its aerodynamic body to show that environment conscious car can be exciting. Inside, it has space for 5 occupants, which is attributed to more compact powertrain.

Honda is highlighting its upcoming model to have the world’s first application of a fuel-cell powertrain packaged completely in the engine compartment allowing for more cabin space and possibility of application in other vehicle types. Technological advancements made to the fuel-cell stack has resulted to more than 100kW of power output. Despite a reduced stack size of about 33-percent from the FCX Clarity, power density is now 3kW/L, which has increase by 60 percent. Driving range for the Honda FCEV is approximately 483 kilometers with a quick refueling time of about three minutes at 70 MPa.