Let's say you're looking for a crossover but you want something small and maneuverable as well. Well Honda has revealed a (slightly) higher riding Jazz to suit your needs, if you live in Japan that is. They call it the Fit Cross Style and, as the name suggests, they've turned it into a baby crossover.

Honda Fit turns into AWD, baby crossover with Cross Style pack

So what makes the Fit Cross Style unique? It gets BR-V style kits. That means it gets chunky fender flares, a slightly raised ride height, blacked-out trimmings, special alloy wheels, and faux skid plates at the front and rear to appeal to the active lifestyle crowd. There's even an all-wheel drive option if you want to venture off the beaten path. So while other manufacturers have been offering raised hatchbacks as a crossover alternative, the Fit Cross Style goes beyond that.

 Honda Fit Cross Style

Things are a little tamer inside. It's mostly carried over from the standard Fit/Jazz so you get the same dashboard layout and fabric trimmed seats. The speakers do get different surrounds, illuminated in this case. They also kept the flexible ULT seats and retains the versatility of the Fit/Jazz. Honda Japan is throwing in a dashcam as standard, along with a navigation system.

This being an option package, the Cross Style can be paired to other variants of the Fit range in Japan. There's the base 1.3-liter engine with front-wheel drive, mid-spec 1.5-liter with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and the hybrid, also available with all-wheel drive.