More than 110 volunteers from the Honda Foundation Inc. (HFI), Honda customers, dealers, suppliers and select members of the motoring media revisited Cavinti, Laguna to plant 2,500 tree seedlings of native species and help rehabilitate Caliraya Watershed. HFI, composed of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), Honda Parts and Manufacturing Corporation (HPMC) and Honda Trading Philippines (HTP), has partnered with Haribon Foundation to support the "Road to 2020" project.

Road to 2020 is an environmental conservation movement that aims to restore one million hectares of Philippine rainforests using native tree species by year 2020. The project raises awareness on the critical situation and deforestation of the country's watersheds. According to Haribon, 54% forest cover is needed to regulate ecological processes. However, the country is down to only 24% (as per DENR 2004). The Caliraya Watershed needs proper attention as it provides water supply not only for drinking but also for power generation.

Honda has always been a proactive advocate for the environment. It takes responsibility of the environmental impact of its business operations and its products. "Honda has been a devoted supporter of tree planting projects and Haribon's Road to 2020 is the most recent one. The Honda group of companies has pledged to rehabilitate 20 hectares of denuded land in a span of 10 years. So far, we have already covered 3 hectares with the help of our dear volunteers," said Mr. Tatsuya Natsume, President and General Manager of HCPI.

Dedicated to preserve the environment, Honda uses advanced technologies in manufacturing high quality and environment-friendly products. "Globally, Honda aims for 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of Honda products by year 2020, as compared to 2000 levels. This is inline with our longtime commitment to leave BLUE SKIES FOR OUR CHILDREN," Mr. Natsume added.