Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) recently recognized Honda Cars Global City as its first certified 'Green Dealer' in simple ceremonies held in Taguig City.

HCPI's Green Dealership Program takes into account the dealership's environmental initiatives in its sales operations, particularly in the sale of its products, services and parts. To acquire certification, dealer must effectively implement activities under its 2-step program. Step 1 activities include waste management, recycling, basic safety, use of personnel protective equipment and compliance to legal requirements. Step 2 activities include contribution to local community through CSR projects, energy and environmental conservation, chemical use and control, improved waste management system, improved recycling program and complete safety and personnel protective equipment.

After a series of audits and evaluation, Honda Cars Global City has earned the first Green Dealer certification under Step 1 activities. "We take into serious consideration the impact of our operations to the environment. And so, we show our utmost support by improving our business processes to help address the growing environmental issues," said Mr. Ramon Zialcita, Branch Manager of Honda Cars Global City.

HCPI's President and General Manager, Mr. Tatsuya Natsume, led the awards ceremony. "The Green Dealership Program exemplifies Honda's unyielding environmental commitment and global direction to provide good products to our customers with speed, affordability and low carbon dioxide emissions," concludes Mr. Natsume.