The Civic is undoubtedly one of Honda’s most popular models around the world. Available in various body styles, the model continues to be a global success even to this day with the latest 10th-generation model.

Ironically, however, in recent years, the Civic’s popularity has experienced a decline in its home country – Japan. In fact, back in 2010, Honda temporarily removed the Civic from their model lineup after production of the 8th-generation Civic FD ceased. It wasn’t until 2017 did the Civic nameplate officially return to its homeland.

Honda has killed off the Civic sedan… in Japan image

Now, it seems the Civic is getting axed in Japan once more. Automotive News reported that Honda will be killing off the Civic sedan in Japan due to low sales and poor demand. In the last fiscal year, Honda only managed to sell 1,619 units of the sedan. In comparison, the Japanese automaker managed to sell nearly 250,000 units of the N-Box Kei-car which coincidentally was Japan’s best-selling Kei-car in 2019.

For clarity, only the Civic sedan will be removed from Honda Japan’s lineup. Subsequently, local production of the 4-door Civic sedan will also end. However, the 5-door Civic hatchback, as well as the Civic Type R, will continue to go on sale in the Land of the Rising Sun. Both the hatchback and the Type R will continue to be imported from the UK…that is until the Swindon plant closes its doors next year.

Honda has killed off the Civic sedan… in Japan image

Even though the 10th-generation Civic sedan isn’t popular in Japan, it continues to be loved by many across the globe, particularly in the US. This just shows that different countries have different tastes in vehicles. What works in one region may not be applicable in another.

With that in mind, it makes us wonder whether the Civic hatchback would be a hot seller in the Philippines as we only get the sedan. Maybe Honda Cars Philippines can bring in the sportier-looking Civic in the not-so-distant future? 

Source: Automotive News via Motor1