A lifted and rugged Honda Civic? A retro racer S660? Honda sure is planning to showcase a lot of quirky customized vehicles at the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon.

To be specific, Honda Access has announced that they will be exhibiting five new unique vehicles during the customized auto show in January. All of them being modified version of vehicles currently offered by Honda in Japan.

Honda headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon with 5-car line up

For the time being, Honda has only released teaser photos of these vehicles with not much details on each model. That said, do expect full details on each unit to be released once the vehicles makes their global debut during the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Out of the five, one of the vehicles which stood out the most is the Civic Versatilist. Based on the press release, it is essentially a Civic Hatchback that has been lifted and given a more rugged look. Translating the text, it says that the modification and kit adds SUV likeness to the Civic but still retaining a more stylish sedan look.

Lifted Honda Civic, Retro S660 racer headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Meanwhile, the Modulo Neo Classical Racer builds on the already retro-looking Honda S660 Neo Classic introduced earlier this year. It is said to combine the Neo Classic's sporty aspect along with Modulo's fine tuning. Modulo's modification adds wider fenders, a new set of wheels and a more aggressive looking front end akin to racers of the past.

Lifted Honda Civic, Retro S660 racer headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Continuing their line up of cute looking vehicles, Honda Access will also be debuting the Well Concept (based on a StepWGN) and the Trip Van (based on an N-Van +Style Fun Turbo). The former is said to represent a family car of the future, which will also act like a family member. Meanwhile, the Trip Van is said to take inspiration from surfing and other hobbies.

Lifted Honda Civic, Retro S660 racer headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Rounding up Honda Access display is the Fit Elegant Color Collection. Known locally as the Jazz, it is fitted with a Modulo kit but features unique paint combinations which ladies will find cute and attractive.

All five models are set to debut at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon which opens on January 11 at the Makuhari Messe in Japan.