Little by little, Honda is stepping into the electric vehicle game. First, it was with the retro-futuristic Urban EV which is set to hit the road by 2020. Further expanding their EV portfolio is the upcoming Everus EV, the Japanese automaker's first pure electric crossover.

Set to be released later this year, the Everus is one of Honda's China-only marques. Prior to the EV concept, Everus produced re-engineered versions of the 2003 to 2008 City a couple of years back. To put things into perspective, the EV is Everus' first car in a long time.

Honda aims to use this vehicle as their entry into the Chinese electric vehicle market. The Everus EV is, in essence, a re-bodied and restyled HR-V packing Honda's electric vehicle drive system. Its front fascia loses the signature 'Solid Wing Face' look from the gas-fed HR-V. Instead, it gets a unique look with slim headlights, a slim flush panel which forms the faux grill and a smoother front bumper.

Honda HR-V gets electric makeover as Everus EV concept

At the back, the HR-V's tail lights have been given a full-LED redesign for the Everus EV. While its shape is retained, an illuminated trim piece connects the tail lights together. The lower half of the bumper has been given a different look as well. Blue ambient lighting surrounds the lower half of the Everus EV's body and it rides on multi-spoke alloy wheels.

For now, Honda is not giving any specifics when it comes to the powertrain. It is likely that it will borrow tech from the Urban EV concept. The system used in the Urban EV concept is comprised of a lightweight, high-density battery pack.