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Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi top after-sales service satisfaction


Overall satisfaction in after-sales down from previous years

When buying a brand new vehicle, one very important factor to consider is the manufacturer's after sales service. Depending on the dealer, each have their own way of handling after sales in order to meet a customer's needs.

According to a study made by J.D. Power, in the year 2017 customer satisfaction with after sales at authorized service center have gone down and hit a record low ever since the study was launch in 2001. Overall satisfaction for this year – measured on a 1,000-point scale – was rated at an average of 793, down from 822 in 2016. Over the five factors considered in the study, satisfaction decreased in all factors with service initiation and vehicle pick-up scoring the lowest.


“The increased time spent handing over the vehicle before service—due to rapidly increasing service volumes—is one of the key reasons for the significant drop in service satisfaction. Service networks are not expanding as fast as market demand, which creates challenges for service centers to handle the increasing traffic within a reasonable time—in a very time-conscious market—while also maintaining high-quality service standards,” said Loïc Pean, senior manager at J.D. Power.

Also found in the study include more quality issues of the vehicles and repairs. Customers reported that they have experienced at least one problem with their vehicle since purchasing it compared to than in 2016. There have also been reports of an increase time to to finish paperwork and pick up vehicle, taking more than 20 minutes after service to complete payment and pickup the vehicle.

Out of eleven manufacturers in the study, Honda ranked highest overall with a score of 803. The manufacturer managed to do well in four out of the five factors namely: service quality; vehicle pick-up; service facility; and service advisor. Hyundai ranks second with a score of 798, followed by Mitsubishi at 797.

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