This year is looking like a good one for Honda. Not only do they have a wave of upcoming all-new and updated models, they have rolled out more cars than they ever have in 2019. That number will just keep on rising as the months go by.

From January to June, a total of 2,692,175 vehicles have come out of Honda's factories worldwide. So, what's the breakdown? In North America alone (USA, Canada, Mexico) Honda built 974,350 vehicles during the first six months of the year. 652,640 of them were made in the US plants in Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana.

Honda in 2019: Over 2 million built far image

But, of course, production in Asia is still at the top. During the same time period, 1,101,190 Honda cars and crossovers rolled out of the region. In fact, China trounced the USA for the country that makes the most Hondas with 743,179 assembled. At the same time, it was also Honda Cars China's record production to date. As for domestic production (Japan), 472,873 units came out of the Suzuka, Sayama, and Yorii plants.

But while it's all rosy over in North America and Asia, things aren't as swell in Europe. With Honda closing down the Swindon, UK plant by 2021, they have been winding down production over there. With no other Honda assembly line in the continent, it will be interesting how Honda will move about in Europe in the next decade. That said, they still made 57,768 vehicles there. Other plants around the world add another 85,994, which brought the total to nearly 2.7 million vehicles.

Honda in 2019: Over 2 million built far image

Honda has 25 assembly plants for automobiles worldwide, spanning most continents. Among the 25 is our very own Santa Rosa, Laguna assembly line. It was established on October 1990 with local manufacturing starting February 1992. Through the years, Citys, Civics, Accords, and CR-Vs have come out of the factory gates. These days, there are two being assembled here, namely the City (since 1996) and the BR-V (since 2018).