Honda R&D Co., Ltd. is engaging in formal discussions with Waymo to integrate its self-driving technology with Honda vehicles.

The technical collaboration between Honda researchers and Waymo's self-driving technology team would allow both companies to learn about the integration of Waymo's fully self-driving sensors, software and computing platform into Honda vehicles.

In addition, Honda could also initially provide the company with vehicles modified to accommodate Waymo's self-driving technology as part of their discussion.

The company said that the joint venture with Waymo could allow different ways to explore technological approach and bring a fully self-driving technology to market.

If both parties agree to enter into a formal agreement, Honda R&D engineers based in Silicon Valley, California and Tochigi, Japan, would work closely with Waymo engineers based in Mountain View, California and Novi, Michigan.

Honda expects to release driverless cars by 2020 in parallel with its aim to create a collision-free society.