With the garden now being used more in Europe as an extension of their living room, Honda Motor Europe entered the fast-growing robotic lawn mower market and introduced its own version called Honda Miimo.

Honda claims that the Miimo is the ultimate labor and time saving device since once installed, it only needs minimal human interaction to maintain your lawn every day. Powered by a high performance, long-life lithium-ion battery, it is self-charging, constantly monitoring its battery level and returning to its docking station when it needs to recharge.

Miimo navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback. It works within a boundary wire, installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden. The Honda Miimo has two "lift sensors" which are triggers if Honda Miimo leaves the ground, it shuts down completely, sounds an alarm, and will only be back online once the owner inputs a unique code on it offering both safety and security.

When lanched early next year, Honda Miimo will be available in two models, 300 and 500, offering a maximum perimeter cut of 300m and 500m respectively.