Last November 2014, Honda PH revealed the updated 2015 CR-V packed with exterior updates. Now, Honda has announced that the 2015 Euro-spec CR-V will be the first vehicle in the world to feature predictive cruise control system.

Dubbed as the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), Honda claims that the 2015 Euro-spec CR-V has the ability to predict and to automatically react to other vehicles "cutting-in" to the lane. The system was developed through Honda's Research and Development project conducted by the automaker's international team in Europe and Japan.

With this, the system is equipped with a camera and radar to detect the position of other vehicles on the road. The Japanese automaker says the i-ACC applies an algorithm to detect and to predict the movement of nearby vehicles.

As futuristic as it may sound, the i-ACC can predict a "cut-in" or a lane change maneuver up to five seconds before it occurs. Upon detection, the system gradually slows down the vehicle's speed. Then, it gradually increases the vehicle's braking force to establish a safe distance. Moreover, the i-ACC automatically detects which nearby vehicle is the "most critical to be aware of."

Honda says the updated 2015 Euro-spec CR-V will be available in Spring 2015 (around March).