When the 2020 Honda Fit (or Jazz, which most parts of the world call it) was revealed late last year, people had a lot to say about the new look. It was mostly aimed at the front end of the car, particularly its lack of a grill. Now it seems that Honda has listened and there's now an option to give it one.

Honda listened and gave the Jazz a “grill” image

By grill, we mean more of a tacked-on accessory. See, it's not actually a functional grill on the basis that there's no air that can get through it. Nonetheless, Honda has given it a grill (albeit non-functional) which should quell some of the other comments about the all-new Jazz's looks.

This new grill is part of the new Modulo parts that are now available in Japan. That said, you can just get the grill without getting the whole Modulo package. But if you get the whole kit, you get the aforementioned “grill”, a front chin, side skirts, rear bumper applique, and a slightly bigger tailgate spoiler. You can also swap out the standard wheels for ones made by Modulo as well.

Honda listened and gave the Jazz a “grill” image

The front grill will set you back ¥ 33,000, which is about a shade over Php 15,200. Tick all the boxes for the Modulo exterior package and that bumps up to ¥ 174,900 worth of kits, or almost Php 90,000.

So what do you think of this cosmetically enhanced Jazz? Of course, there's the matter of this generation of Jazz actually being offered here. Since news broke out of the 'City Hatchback', the future of the subcompact hatchback here in the Philippines is a bit of a question mark. Regardless, it's good to know Honda listens to their customers and fans alike.