Ever dreamt of having a brand new Type R engine in your Honda? Well, that dream can come true with a new crate motor purchase program. 

Honda has just announced that they are making the K20C1, the same engine used in the Civic Type R, available for purchase brand new. The automaker says that the program is their means of supporting grassroots motorsport. The engine is manufactured at their plant in Ohio.

The turbocharged and intercooled i-VTEC crate motor, as used in the FK2 and FK8 Civic Type R, makes 306 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 400 Newton meters of torque from 2500 to 4500 rpm. The engine helped propel the current Civic Type R (FK8) to a 7:43.8 Nurburgring lap record for front wheel drive production cars

Honda is selling the engine for $6,519.87, or about PhP 336,620.89 based on today's exchange rate. Shipping within the United States is not included in the price.

There are some qualifications for the purchase. Those who wish to avail of the turbocharged crate motor will have to apply online to Honda Performance Development (http://hpd.honda.com/racing-line). Also, Honda says the engine will only be made available to "U.S. grassroots and professional racers for verified, closed-course racing applications through the HPD Honda Racing Line program."

Be that as it may, we won't be surprised if a few of those brand new Type R engines make their way to the Philippines -unofficially- given the price.