Heads up 2019 CR-V owners: Honda recently announced that they will be recalling 137,000 units of the crossover globally due to a faulty component that can suddenly deploy the airbags without warning.

According to the automaker, metal burrs on the inside of the steering wheel can damage the wiring harness and cables that are a part of the CR-V’s airbag system. This can potentially cause an electrical short circuit and overheating which can lead to the sudden deployment of an airbag.

In fact, Honda stated that there have been six incidents already that were caused by the sudden airbag inflation, causing three injuries. To repair the problem, Honda said that they will install a protective cover on the steering wheel core, and replace the clock-spring and wiring harnesses.

Owners that are unsure whether their vehicle is part of the recall can check for these telltale signs; non-working multi-function steering wheel buttons, the horn suddenly activating by itself, and the SRS airbag warning light appearing on the instrument panel.

Around 118,598 examples of the 2019 CR-V sold in the US market are part of the airbag issue. Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) has yet to state if there are any units locally that are part of the global safety recall.